So for the past two years or so, it was time for me to get a new laptop for university and my choice was to be between a Lenovo machine with Linux or a MacBook Pro with MacOS. For years I have want to go completely Linux or BSD, and therefore I was looking at other products than Apple’s professional laptop line up. I looked amongst others at the Dell XPS series, HP Pro series (yes HP), and the Lenovo line. In the end I had to choose between Lenovo and MacBook Pro. So why did I go with the MacBook Pro?

Well what many might not know, is that I am actually a passionate photographer and I do a lot of image manipulation and clean up. In relation to the Lenovo line up this actually became a major factor. Because, though the Lenovo line does provided full-HD 15” displays, they do not provided above that. This is sometimes relevant when working with for instance RAW images and so on. Furthermore, some of the colour spectrum’s on the Lenovo screens, where not true colour and if you have ever worked with a true colour screen, you know there is no going back.

Secondly, materials. The Lenovo line up is stilled made in plastic, though fair to say it is some strong as plastic, close to magical. However, I do have fellow students whom have actually succeed in breaking their cases, though taking better care of their Lenovo laptops, than I do of my MacBook Pro. This was a concern to me, as I am really good a breaking plastic stuff. So again here the MacBook Pro with its aluminium casing got a point.

Additionally, one of the concerns I have had with macOS and the actually reason I want to leave the Apple ecosystem, was due to Apple, in my opinion, neglecting Mac OS X and now macOS. However, when macOS Sierra was published, I saw some of the magic returning to macOS. Almost like Apple had remembered that it exists. This made me believe, that Apple actually was refurbishing macOS.

So based on this I went about another Mac. The only thing I upgrade was the CPU, so now I have to live with a 512GB SSD.

Many where surprised that I did, due to the lack of connection ports. The current generation of MacBook Pro’s only have USB-C ports. Well I see it as USB-C is the future and Apple is actually not the first company to completely remove a certain port from their devices. And in case I need an old USB stick, I have bought an adaptor, it is annoying, but it is life.

So what is my experience. Well life is good I adore my new laptop, still have the old one as well. The new one, ensures that I can go an entire day without recharging. I love the new keyboard. I actually use the touch-bar, I thought I would hate, though it from time to time activates Siri, because I apparently hit very high on the keys, when I am typing.

Side note: Emacs scales extremely well to this new display resolution, good job developers.

So that is my current hardware situation. Hope you will comment and let us have a discussion.