In Living with RSI as a programmer [1] I discuss how I cope with RSI and how a few possibilities for handling RSI on your own. One of the things I recommend buying and two different keyboards and one option I mention is a ergonomic keyboard, and I even state that I am eyeing the Keyboardio Model 01 [2]. However, this keyboard is brand new and I was unable to find some reviews about it, to get an idea about the quality, and for this reason I decided to buy a different brand. The Chief Technical Officer of Steinwurf Aps [3] have used a Kinesis Advantage for some years now, for similar reasons as me and his experience was that the keyboard was helping him. So based on his recommendations and others recommendation I went a bought a Kinesis Advantage2 Low Force (LF) [4].

So what is my experience with the keyboard so far? So I have had two, I got the first one in April and used it at work and study, whilst I kept using my standard issue Apple numeric keyboard at home. The first few days was strange because I got pain shooting up my arm and it felt like it was from muscles I might not be using when I use an ordinary keyboard. But after this initial use the pain in both my arms and wrist went away and they did not come back. However, the keyboard broke and I could not figure out what was wrong with it and after contacting Kinesis support I got a new keyboard, which is working like a charm.

My initial assessment is that the keyboard works as intended and that my RSI pains has vastly decreases and I only fell a strain every other week instead of every day. So though the keyboard is very expensive it solves my problem so far and I am very happy about it.

I will in the following year continuously document my usage of the keyboard and review its effect on my pain experience



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