Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have for some time talk to a friend about adding reader interaction to our blogs and how to do it properly. We even discussed changing to other blogging platforms, such as Wordpress (may the gods forbid it) which comes with this capability build-in or provides a good, and in some cases even brilliant plug-in options.

But we both love Jekyll and it does not come with the same options as for instance Wordpress. So how do we solve this? Well luckily I am working at a company which webpage is also made with Jekyll and have been looking for a solution to the same problem. Actually, if you want another tech blog follow the company [1]. Anyways trying to find a solution to the problem, the CTO of Steinwurf found Disqus and suggested we tried it.

However, I had a few problems with it, first it adds a level of user tracking and as most of you know, I am big privacy advocate and hates being tracked, but a lot of that can be disabled by the user by using for instance Ghostery [2]. Secondly it adds third party java script, which I have little to no control over, which also annoys me.

So how do I address this? Well the first one I cannot really address, besides disabling tracking as much as possible in Disqus, which I have attempted. The third party java script I just have to accept. But I will monitor the traffic generate for a while.

Anyways, this gives me a better way to interact with you guys and I hope you will use it.

- Lars Nielsen