Lars is a self proclaimed nerd with an aptitude for software development and design. He is a graduate from Business Academy Aarhus and Aalborg Univeristy, respectively with a academy profession degree in Computer Science (Datamatiker) and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Software. At the moment he is a student at Aalborg University, where he attends the Master of Science in Engineering in Software program, which he currently is expecting to complete in 2018.

Lars's academic areas of interest are: Programming Language Design, Performance Analysis, Parallel Programming, and multi thread utilisation.

Besides his studies Lars is an aspiring author, currently working on a series of novels in the fantasy genre. He takes inspiration from religion, folk lore, and legends.

Lars is an advocate for: Open Source Software, Agnostic Atheism, Liberalism and Open The Web.

Now let us get personal. First of all if you got this far, thank you for your interest and welcome to my little corner of the wast massive network we call the internet. As stated above I am freaking nerd, I love software development and learning new programming languages, playing board games and writing. I am also the author of a couple of open source applications and software libraries my self and have contributed to open source throughout my active software development years. I hope you enjoy my web page and the content.

A bit arrogant, so sorry in advance, a couple of persons have contact me about why I do not have a patron page, have created a kick starer for my book, or ask for donations on my open source projects github pages. Well I am of the opinion that as long, as I can pay for my food and my apartment I see no reason to ask for additional money. However I am still a student, so I do not live a life of luxury. But if you want to change that a bit, you can buy me something from my Amazon wish list: