To Emacs or to Atom

So I will start at university again next week and by such my summer is over and so it is time for me to decide between Emacs and Atom.

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My take on Template Programming in C++

So lately I have been doing a lot of C++ programming with heavy usage of template programming, which is a type of meta/generic programming. Which have inspired this blog post. Now I am not an expert at all, that would take years and this is not a guide to template programming. This is my take on the advantages and disadvantages.

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Status about blog, book, projects, and life

So if you follow me on twitter, you will know that I do check my email and that I have promised a status update. So let us get started with that.

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Atom and Spacemacs the final chapter

At the beginning of this I said I would use Atom and Spacemacs over the summer. For me the summer usually my summer is two months and by such I would have had plenty of time to really play around with the two editors, and realizing the different pros and conns of the two editors. However after a month one contestant is out, and that constant is Spacemacs.

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“It's fun to do the impossible” - Walt Disney