So this page contain some frequently asked questions, with the answer and some times and explanation. So let us get started

What IDE do you use? I do not use a IDE (Integrated Development Environment for non nerds). The reason is that I find most of the unnecessarily clunky and resource heavy. To an extend where I believe that the developers whom created them, do not care about the software.

Eh what do you use? I use Emacs

Emacs…? Yes Emacs. It is customizable to an infinite extend and I can use it for everything I do, programming, writing, system modelling, email, calendar (no I do not use it for that, but I could), and so on. Without destroying my computer and eating all my RAM.

You are an atheist, but write based on religion? Yes/no and yes, I am agnostic atheist, not a pure atheist which is a discussion for another time. But yes I write based on religion. I might not believe in religion, but I still think that the stories and fables draws some interesting conclusions. These conclusion I like to give my own spin on.

What are you, Swedish? I am going to cut you… This question usually comes up when I talk with people from either eastern or south Europe, or even America. But no I am Danish and by such from Denmark NOT SWEDEN.

Clang or GCC? Clang, ‘cause clang sounds awesome and the LLVM icon is a dragon. But also some really nice features I like and I still do use GCC from time to time.

Favourite Programming Language? Well I have three. The first is Asgard, it is a currently non-public available programming language, which I am co-creator of. My big dream is to publish it at some point. Secondly Ruby, I use Ruby for small scripts and simply application. The reason it is one of my favourite programming language is the syntax and structure, which in some ways are reflected in Asgard. Lastly C++ because I can use it embedded, in web applications, mobile applications, for software libraries, for performance heavy libraries and so on. It is a very multi-phasic programming language, which I enjoy using.